Sunday, June 13, 2010

Brett Favre vs. Peyton Manning

When researching whom is better I believe that my decision is made. Peyton Manning is better than Brett Farve and here is why......

The common misconception about the stats between the two is because Favre played in tough climates and Peyton does not. But after looking at games over their careers, it is apparent the both play a significant amount of games indoors. When looking at the schedules for these two, its clear whom has overwhelming numbers. Its Peyton. Some of the die-hard Favre fans will tell you that he played in the run-first offense in Green Bay where he didn't throw as much as Manning. This is a false because during these times Farve was known as the gun-slinger. Some want to say Favre did not have decent wide receivers like Manning (ex. Reggie Wa
yne, Marvin Harrison, and Brandon Stokley). Brett had more wide receiver weapons than Manning but Peyton just knew how to use them. Do not forget that Favre had players like; Robert Brooks, Sterling Sharpe, Antonio Freeman, Don Beebe, Andre Rison, Donald Driver etc.

The second issue fans want to talk about is the location of the games played. Some uneducated fans say that Favre has to play at 20 degrees below zero and Peyton plays in a dome. This common fallacy makes sense if you do not have a brain. Lets not forget that Peyton has 300+ yard games in Pittsburgh and New England every year. I can understand Favre has more elements to deal with when he was in Green Bay, but it doesn't get to below 32 degrees until weeks 13-14. Up until 2002ish Tampa Bay was still in the division and that meant a game in sunny Florida. Not only guaranteed a game in Florida but Green Bay also had road games in nice weather locations such as Detroit(dome), Minnesota(dome), and they always manage to throw a San Francisco trip or another NFC West, or NFC South team.

Just a few comparisons for you;


1- SuperBowl win
11- Probowls
62.0 career completion percentage
86.6 career passer rating
497 Touchdowns
317 INTS


1- Super Bowl win
1-Super Bowl MVP
10- Pro bowls
64.8 career completion percentage
95.2 career passer rating
366 Touchdowns
181 INTS

After reviewing the stats of the two quarterbacks I would have to say that Peyton is better now, and will be better in the future. Not only will he break Favres touchdown record, but he will win more Super Bowls, MVPS(already has) and pro-bowls. The best part for Manning... he has played 7 years less than Favre. So as Brett sits on the sidelines contemplating how to keep he prima Donna ass in the news, while Manning is at VOLUNTARY OTA's working with the rookie and going over EVERY throw in 2009-2010 to find out how to even get better.

Enough of facts, you make a choice!


  1. I don't care for Favre or Manning. But Manning is the clear choice. Manning will surpass Favre before his run is over.

  2. need to get a second job cuz u have way too much time on your hands. Let's compare this stuff when they are BOTH retired. Favre is the greatest..Hands Down, end of discussion! Peyton Manning is a Pussy, a whiney, pouty lipped fuckin girl. His Lack of testacles and 5 yard passes prove that. Yes...if he continues playing he might break Brett's Records...but i see an injury coming SOON. Ray Lewis will break his legs before any Favre records are surpassed. I may go Tanya Harding on his fuckin knees if he gets too close. What's next ....Matt Leinart is the new Joe Montana?? try Tom Tupa!! Love, Chris GO RAVENS!!

    1. Where is he now, in 2013, still playing at a level Brett never did at this age.

  3. klean...your a fucking idiot and obviously a Favre groupie. Get a life faggot. Favre is and always will be a let down QB. Sorry but longevity doesn't mean you're good.

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  5. Peyton Manning has put up better numbers in most categories but the nation reason why he is above Favre is because the interceptions. I always liked Favre but manning it's Bette

  6. Entertaining to watch on a scale of 1-10. Manning 1.5 Favre 10 ha ha ha. No comparison.